Melanoma is a cancer that usually starts in the skin and can be either from an existing mole or from a mole that has newly arisen.
It is a tumour of the melanocytes which is a specialised cell that produces melanin and gives rise to pigmentation of the skin. Moles are aggregates of melanocytes that lie close together.

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and has the potential to spread around the body. The incidence is on the increase. It is the most common form of cancer in young people and is the leading cause of cancer related death in young people. If caught early it can be simply treated, however disease which has spread can also be treated.

Ewan Wilson is a Melanoma specialist and offers the full range of surgical treatments for Melanoma from early stage disease through to advanced and recurrent disease where appropriate. Ewan offers the current gold standard staging procedure of Sentinel Node Biopsy

He also offers a full service for disease which has spread to lymph nodes. He is the only Skin Oncologist in the region offering a full dissection service including Parotid, Neck, Axilla, Pelvic and Groin dissections.

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